The Big Move!

We have finally moved to London and starting our new lives in a new environment. Well, new for me, old for my husband. The plan of moving to London was decided mid-late last year. It was not an easy decision for me because London was never my first choice to go to and I don’t know if I can find a job easily or that I like. But I decided that if you don’t do it, you will never know!

The moving was difficult and unforseen circumstances kinda hindered our schedule. Nonetheless, life still goes on! In the midst of all that messiness, we rewarded ourselves with UKs greatest food! Steak, pies, chips and burgers! Yum!

I was looking forward to the cold weather and gloomy skies cause I had enough of hot and humid temperatures! I suppose I am considered the unlucky ones because London’s hottest summer arrived here at 35-40 degrees. It is the hottest summer since 30 years ago in UK.

Shortly after I moved to the UK, my bestie of 20 years moved to London as well. Great minds think alike?


I am starting to get use to the weather, food and way of living. People here are more receptive to politeness and get things done the right way. I do miss my nasi lemaks, curry laksa and all that Asian food but most of them I can cook on my own.


There is still so much to do in London and we haven’t gotten half of it set up yet. More to share soon here!



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